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Featured Art of Astral Valley

The gallery at Astral Valley is far from typical. The art displayed here is often large scale outdoor permanent  pieces created from up-cycled materials and zero waste in mind. We are also known to urge visitors to interact with our art, or even better, come build and create your own. Each year we grant more and more artists the ability to add their creative touch to Astral Valley so others can enjoy it for years to come. Check out some of the pieces we have sponsored which can still be found at the Valley today...


Partners in love and life, Sheena Cox and Michael Ventle, founded the Astral Gypsies' Giant Puppet Troupe in 2010. Dedicated to opening minds through interactive visionary art, the Astral Gypsies present custom built and designed giant puppet shows. Inspired by the oldest form of theater - puppetry - and the new age of electronic music they decided to bring the two together to create mind blowing interactive art. Over the years their unique style & designs have become so highly sought after that even producers like CEO of Insomniac Inc., Pasquale Rotella, has replicated their creative models and performance prowess. Today, The Astral Gypsies have grown into a tribe with over 40 giant creatures and 20 professional performers that feature a vartiety of art forms. A nationwide staple, touring the universe full time on a mission to open the door of the mind to a world of waking dreams by sharing their art with the world.


A real life replica of an original Vikingship, built to last like the Vikings would of wanted it! Lee Cox, "Grandpa" was among other things a master musician, craftsman, woodsman and eccentric thinker.  This ship once sailed Lake Michigan and nothing will stop it from making it's debut at Astral Valley.  His son, Clayton Cox, will lead the rennovation crew in transforming this masterpiece into a functional piece of mobile art that will cruz the event grounds in style for years to come!


Lee Cox "Grandpa" - Creator & Master Craftsman

Clayton Cox - Master Renovator

Local Musician & Artists- Renovation Crew



Thomas Erickson is a 30-year-old artist from Northwest Arkansas "The Natural State" who has been inspired by the optimism and positive example shown by those who come to contribute and influence their peers at art and music festivals across the country. His group "Third Eye Conceptions" is an artistic collective that works together to bring design concepts to reality in the form of sculpture and art installation. Coming to Astral Valley this year will be the "Cosmos Flower". A surreal flower sculpture standing 10 feet high with petals made of mirror finish stainless steel carefully bent and warped to distort the reflections of its spectators and surroundings."We want the viewer to see and acknowledge our sculpture's unique beauty and realize their own unique artistic expression mirrored right back at them. Self-discovery and realization of the world around us and our role in it directly perpetuates the harmonious system that we all come together to enjoy."


Designer & Lead Artist - Thomas Erickson

Crew - Diana Michelle, Eugene Martin, Barrett Barker, Wayne Shepherd


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