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Astral Valley is an interactive art park & event center nestled on over 700 acres in the Missouri Ozarks. Located only 45 minutes South of St. Louis, it is the perfect convenient getaway to host all your outdoor gatherings: family functions, corporate retreats, spiritual outings, weddings, reunions, group campouts, educational workshops, charity events, fund raisers, live concerts, and much much more. 

Giant Puppet Show at Astral Valley
Interactive Art Park & Live Performances

What makes Astral Valley different from other parks? Our's is host to numerous pieces of locally created interactive art.  We want you to open the door of your mind, to reach out, climb, touch and get involved with the art on display here.  In addition to stationary interactive pieces we also host live performance artists, theatrics, & a number of educational workshops where we invite you to create with us! Interested in hosting or attending an educational workshop, want to create art with us at Astral Valley?  CLICK HERE

Yoga Retreat at Astral Valley
Event Center

Astral Valley is a great place to host your next event!  Beautiful forest, creek side, & meadow settings may be used for a variety of activities, including nature walks, trail rides, private gatherings, educational workshops, weddings, campouts, concerts, corporate outtings, and more.  Interested in hosting your next event at Astral Valley?  CLICK HERE


Couple Hiking at Astral Valley
Hiking & Wilderness Exploration

With over 700 acres to be explored the opportunities to get close & interact with nature are endless.  In addition to miles of nature trails, a crystal clear creek to splash around in, wild caves & 3 spring that output over 150,000 gallons of fresh water per day, Astral Valley is home to over 200 species of wild animals.  Bring your camera, a good pair of hiking shoes, and be sure to get an early start to capture those unforgettable moments where man comes face to face with natures' awe. Want to take a guided hiking tour & learn more about Missouri's flora & fauna?  CLICK HERE


Grist Mill Foundation at Astral Valley
Reminiscence of an 1800s Town

Astral Valley was originally settled by Dutch-German immigrants in the 1800s. Not long after, the town of Koester, MO was founded, complete with a general store, post office, blacksmith shop, steam mill, livestock barn & school house. Today only a few old buildings & mostly foundations are what remain, but old timers in the area still remember attending barn dances here with their parents back in the day.  In order to continue with these traditions we are in the process of refurbishing the old barn and original Koester family home into a living relic where barn dances & community gatherings will continue to thrive. Interested in taking a historical preservation walk through the property?  CLICK HERE

Concord Grapes Grown at Astral Valley
Organic Vineyard, Orchard & Nut Grove

The Missouri Ozarks are teaming with wild edibles. For centuries homesteaders in our area have harvested the native black walnuts, wild grapes, mulberries, persimmons, blackberries, & paw paws that cover the hills. Here at Astral Valley we work hard to preserve these natural crops as well as propagating our own organic varieties with which we make homemade wines & other goodies throughout the year.   Interested in learning more about wild edibles, fermenting wines, harvesting maple syrup, or preserving foods? CLICK HERE

Cave Entrance at Astral Valley
Caves, Crystals & Geological Formations

Are you a rock hound, spelunker, or climber? Astral Valley has unique rock outcroppings, 3 wild caves, 20-40 ft granite cliffs, and drusy quarts crystal galore. Be sure to bring your play cloths, climbing gear, and a good headlamp so you will be ready for anything! These caves will have you climbing ropes, crawling on all fours, wiggling through tight spaces, and screeching for more. Interested in taking a group tour to learn more about Missouri's geological formations?  CLICK HERE


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