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Apply here to Vend or provide Wellness Services

Join Us for a Cosmic Eclipse Experience!
 - Please read the "Information" section below before completing this application.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

More Information for Vendors & Wellness Providers

*** Please Thoroughly Read All Information Below ***

In order to ensure your Vendor or Wellness Booth is successful at Solar Strings we are only providing a limited number of spaces for each type of merchandise or service. Food vendors will be limited to 4-6. Vendors are not permitted to sell drinks other than water unless specifically approved. A very limited number of vendors will be pre-approved to sell specialty drinks such as kombucha, coffee, smoothies, alcohol etc. You MUST include this on your application.


Vending fees cover the entire weekend plus early entry and include your booth fee, tent camping behind your booth, and room for one standard vehicle to park behind your space (we will provide a parking area for additional vehicles.) If you are planning on bringing an RV, Bus or oversized vehicle please purchase an upgrade large vehicle pass with or without electric here, there is usually not room behind your vending area for these large vehicles so be sure to let us know your needs in your application so we can make sure you have everything you need.

If your application is approved, we will send you a link to pay. It must be paid within 14 days or we may sell your spot to the next person in line.


Fees differ between those vendors selling food and those selling merchandise or wellness services.

General registration will run through February 1st 2024. Applications will close when all spots are filled or by March 1st, 2024.



Retail Vending and Wellness Service Fees are as follows:

- Includes one (1) Pass with Early Entry. Additional Passes may be purchased separately at a discounted rate (limit of 3). Electric is sold as an add-on based on your needs.

- 10 ft frontage - $250

- 20 ft frontage - $375

- add-on 10 amps of Electric for $50

(Note: 10 amps is enough electric for lights or charging phones, will not power fans or heaters)

- add-on 20 amps of Electric for $100

Food Vending Fees are as follows:

- Includes two (2) Passes with Early Entry. Additional Passes may be purchased separately at a discounted rate (limit of 4). Food Vendor rates are based on electric needs, and not the size of your space (you will be provided plenty of room to setup based on your needs). There are no individual water hookups, water access hose located behind the food vending location will be shared between all food vendors. All food vendors must also honor 25 meal tickets.


*** We are looking for 1-2 Food Vendors to service our late night main stage Bonfire Sessions (Midnight - 2:30 am) and morning Tea and Jam Sessions (8 am - 10:30am). These Vendors, must be able to be open for both late night munchies and breakfast (or simply stay open from Midnight to 10:30 am, you can be open at other times as well but this would be the minimum). You will be setup close to the bonfire and general store right on the main corridor to cater to this crowd during live music performances. If this is something you are interested in please let us know in your application.

- No Electric - $450

- 20 amps - $550

- 30 amps - $600

- 50 amps - $650

*** Important - do NOT under size your kitchen needs in order to save money. We carefully calculate load rates to ensure everyone has what they need. No generators are allowed in main stage.

Beverage Only Vendors -  fees vary based on what you are offering, please contact us for pricing.

Available Discounts!

If you'd like to coCreate with us by offering a workshop, live art, art installations or performing, you could get a discount! Please note this in your application OR email us at (make sure you include your booth name).

Vendor Sponsors!

If you are seeking exclusivity with your product at our event, you may opt to sponsor our festival. Please note on your application the specific product and category you are looking for exclusivity on, or email and we will follow up with you.

Vening Info
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